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Sharing-Economy Platforms: The Future of Travel

The sharing-economy has opened a new door of ways to provide a service. From renting a room provided by people in different cities, to lending items in an area when needed, being able to buy and sell any products online, using your own car as transportation (Uber), and many more platforms online that are constantly… Continue reading Sharing-Economy Platforms: The Future of Travel

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Chat Bots: a New Kind of Marketing Channel?

The chat bot technology is rising and becoming a preferred customer interface. Chat bots are personal assistants designed to simulate conversation (text or voice-based) with human users over the Internet. They have been around for quite a while now, but the quality is becoming better and better through natural language processing and big data analytics.… Continue reading Chat Bots: a New Kind of Marketing Channel?

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Society vs. the Naked Body

When does posting a photo on Instagram cross the line? Is it the perception of the person sharing the images, or is it the perception of the followers? Instagram as you all know is a social media platform where individuals can share images of whatever they like… with some restrictions of course. However, when is… Continue reading Society vs. the Naked Body

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The More We Learn, the Less We Know – A learning paradox

According to Douglas Adams’ book the answer to all the ultimate questions of life, the universe, and everything else, is simply 42. Unfortunately, reality isn’t so uncomplicated. Many experts have compiled significant research on how the universe began, how it works, and what it is. It appears to be a never ending story. The more… Continue reading The More We Learn, the Less We Know – A learning paradox

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Product placement: the good, the better and the best

Advertisements are everywhere. It’s not an exaggeration when I say that wherever we look, we see ads. Product placement is an awesome example of exactly that: even while giving into our Netflix addiction or while watching your favourite TV show on the actual TV (oldschool, I know), we are getting brainwashed by commerce. Now, product… Continue reading Product placement: the good, the better and the best

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Looks matter! Product packaging psychology

Looks matter. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about human looks. For the sake of romance it’s probably best to keep believing that personality trumps looks. It does, however, go for product packaging. The truth is that I – the worst chef in the world – could make a completely uneatable dish, and it would still… Continue reading Looks matter! Product packaging psychology

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Supermarketing: psychological mindgames of supermarkets

We all know it: we go to the supermarket fully planning on finally beginning a healthy life, but somehow you’ve found yourself on the couch again, with a bag of crisps and a life size stash worth of chocolates. How did this happen!? Where did we go wrong? Is our discipline really that embarrassingly low;… Continue reading Supermarketing: psychological mindgames of supermarkets