img_1303-2The Amsterdam Marketing Student provides its readers with educative, inspiring and entertaining articles that are related to marketing and business practices. We draw our readers’ attention to relevant practices and offer out-of-the box perspectives that either broaden horizons or help with job market orientation. Every second Wednesday, you can find a new blog post here on TheAMS.

We write for you, a young audience of students who are interested in marketing and related practices and aim to pursue a career in marketing. We are part of the Marketing Association Amsterdam and located, of course, in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

We’re always looking for guest bloggers! Do you want to contribute to the success of this platform by writing an article? Submit your idea for a blog post at theamsterdammarketingstudent@gmail.com!

Get to know us:

What I like the most about this committee is to do practical stuff instead of all the boring theoretical things you have to do at the university, where I study Persuasive Communication (UVA). Why am I passionate about marketing? It’s the perfect mix of science and creativity, also it influences everyone, everyday, everywhere. Furthermore, I love to write and read blogs, especially when they cover my favorite things in life; marketing, cooking (ALWAYS wake me up for sushi), travelling and Spanish music. I’m really excited that my committee and I will provide you with interesting, nice blogs, and capture all of the crazy, perfect MAA-moments this year!


Traveling, photography, reading, and writing have always been a passion of mine. Before moving to Amsterdam to obtain a master in Communication Science at the UvA, I took a year off from my studies to travel. I backpacked throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America to learn about cultures other than my own (the U.S.). I created my own blog while I was on this journey of enlightenment. To present yourself to others and the world around you, marketing is an important element when it comes to all types of blogging. I am excited that I can continue to indulge myself in creativity with like-minded individuals.

Cheers, Daniella


Hi my name is Romy, and I am currently doing a master Business Administration Marketing at the UvA. I did a Bachelor in Communication so I like to study how people interact and how the media plays a big role in our everyday life. My main interests are consumer behavior, branding and advertising. I get goosebumps when I see a good commercial, one day a commercial of Dove even made me cry (I am a sucker for the unstereotyping trend). From that day on I knew I wanted to do something in this field. I do feel marketeers have some ethical responsibilities. I believe people aren’t always able to make rational choices and especially the big data revolution raises a bunch of ethical issues, how far can we go? I would love to discuss this with you guys, so feel free to comment on the blogs!


Hi! My name is Leonie and I’m a master Marketing student at the VU. Beautiful advertisements have always fascinated me and I’m constantly curious about the underlying processes of marketing success. I’m happy that writing blogs gives me the opportunity to be creative and to apply my academic knowledge to real life situations. What I like about marketing is that you can notice it everywhere and that it is changing all time. I’m really looking forward to all the new technologies that can be used for marketing. Unfortunately, I’m a big shopaholic and I catch myself falling for marketing tricks all the time. Don’t think that will ever change.



Hello! My name is Ally, I’m a Canadian master’s student studying Communication Science at the UvA. I started working with new media while living in Toronto, working at Save the Children Canada. I am new to blogging but have always enjoyed dabbling in creative writing! I worked as a marketing manager while living in Canada, but most recently I worked in London on the communications team, doing social media management for Helle Thorning-Schmidt! I am passionate about all things political, and my interests in marketing largely involve brand management and social media. If you would like to be featured as a guest blogger, or have a good idea for our blog I would love to hear from you!


My name is Jasmijn and I’m currently doing a Master in Business Administration Marketing at the UvA. I am a big fan of consumer behavior and branding, which is the perfect combination of social psychology (my bachelor) and marketing. Marketing is everywhere and it never gets boring. That’s why I would love to share all this exciting stuff with you by blogging about it, since it gives me the opportunity to be a little creative as well. In my spare time, I love to binge-watch all kinds of series on Netflix. You name it and I probably have seen it. Please, don’t judge me.



Hallo! My name is Meike and I’m a German master student at the VU studying Marketing. I came to Amsterdam to pursue my passion in Marketing. It has such a great impact in our daily lives, that I think it is super interesting how a great marketing campaign can completely change consumers perspectives of brands or certain products. Especially, digital marketing and social media caught my interests, as it  has become so important to everyone and created a whole new way of marketing. I am so happy to get to share with you these great marketing ideas! Stay tuned!


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