‘Matt Sleeps’ experience marketing goes Viral


It would be hard to believe if someone said they haven’t heard about the Matt Hangover Bar yet. The Hangover bar was an initiative by ‘Matt Sleeps’, a mattress company based out of Amsterdam. The initiative not only went viral in The Netherlands, but also in other countries such as the UK. The video about this event has been seen over 200 million times, with many requests to open the bar again.

About Matt, the famous mattress

The Matt Hangover Bar was a pop-up bar in Amsterdam open for only one weekend at the end of September. The place looked like a green oasis filled with beds, palm trees, and fountains. Every bed had its own TV screen to watch your favorite movies and series’, while ordering hangover-proof food from Foodora. It was a publicity stunt by Matt Sleeps that got plenty of media attention since it was different than anything done before. The idea seemed crazy and impossible, which made it all the more exciting. By using the right sponsors like Foodora, Innocent and Dopper, the event became a total success for dealing with a hangover. As an addition to the Hangover Bar, Matt Sleeps just recently launched Mattflix (inspired by Napflix) where you can stream dull and sleep inducing videos to fall asleep more easily. Both initiatives create unique brand experiences.


Why has it worked?

Marketing as used by Matt Sleeps is called event and/or experience marketing. These kind of events and experiences stimulate the senses and activate emotions. The positive experience will then lead to positive attitudes about the brand. This way you can build, maintain, and strengthen the relationship with the customer, which will then lead to greater customer loyalty. Besides that, the complete experience leads to a better memory. Ten years later you will still remember that you have been to the Hangover Bar.

Reaching our generation again

Obviously, there are some advantages to using experience marketing. At first, it is a relatively cheap way of marketing, especially when you use the right sponsors. It is also a way of differentiating yourself from your competitors in the marketing sphere, and it provides opportunities to make a dull product exciting and ‘sexy’. But above all, it’s a way of reaching people again, something that has been a problem with current advertising as it struggles to reach our generation. To get people’s attention and interest, you have to stand out and that can only be done by being completely different and unique from your competitors. You have to bring a certain ‘freshness’ to it. Experience marketing can definitely help you do that.


There is no doubt the Hangover Bar sounds like a lot of fun, but I am not sure how many people, who have been laying on a ‘Matt’ all day, actually bought one. On one hand, after visiting the Hangover Bar there is a high chance that you will then think of Matt when you need a new mattress. But on the other hand, be careful with marketing plans that look like fun, but do not generate any revenue. We will see what happens when my Ikea mattress is worn out.

Written by Jasmijn van Veggel


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