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Virtual Reality: just a hype or the future?


Last year, you probably played a game or watched a movie in 3D. But it seems like 3D is already out of date and virtual reality is the next big thing.  The developments around virtual reality are gigantic and the possibilities are endless. For instance, in China it is already possible to pay online with virtual reality. You only have to nod to confirm the payment. That seems pretty handy, right?

The next big advertising medium

Virtual reality is able to mimic the physical reality by replicating images, sounds, scents, feelings, and even taste. It does not go unnoticed by marketers. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, called virtual reality the next big advertising medium and states that it is a whole new communication platform. The biggest power of virtual reality as an advertising medium, is the long-term impact. The human brain remembers approximately 10% of what you read, 20% of what you hear, but 90% of you do and experience. Indicating that commercials with a virtual reality experience have the potential to be more memorable than traditional commercials.

Some examples of virtual reality for commercial purposes

A lot of brands have already experimented with virtual reality, and for some branches it has proved to be especially useful. For example, the real estate branch: with virtual reality people can view many houses in different cities in a short time. The travel industry will also greatly benefits from virtual reality. Consumers can experience a real holiday feeling and this has a positive influence on sales.  


But virtual reality is not only connected to a certain branch. Overall, it is a great tool to increase customer engagement by telling an amazing story.

Last year Coca Cola set up a great campaign, which made use of virtual reality. If you ever wondered what it is like to ride on the sleigh of Coca Cola’s Santa then you should definitely watch the video below!

Click here to watch the Coca Cola campaign!

Concerns about virtual reality

Currently the prices of virtual reality glasses are quite high. But the expectation is that these prices will decrease, making virtual reality glasses easily accessible to the public. Besides the price, privacy is also a major concern. Virtual reality applications for commercial purposes offer new possibilities for targeting eye like movements, facial expressions, and emotions.  

There are definitely some concerns that need to be resolved before the mass audience adopts virtual reality. Yet despite these concerns, virtual reality seems to be a promising tool that will prove to be very advantageous for future marketers!

Written by Leonie Douma


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