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Michelle Obama – The Master of Self-Marketing

What is a blog post all about? To give one’s opinion about a specific topic, isn’t it? The following one might therefore be slightly biased as I LOVE the Obamas. Always have, always will! What a pity that Barack Obama’s presidential term cannot be prolonged anymore and please, let’s not talk about the current candidates…


Self-marketing à la Michelle Obama

However, as good a president Obama might be (or not), let’s have a closer look at his wife, first lady Michelle Obama. This woman definitely is a guru of self-marketing: she is casually using Snapchat to reach a younger audience and gives some insights into daily life at the White House. She launched the Let Girls Learn campaign, which aims at enabling adolescent girls around the world to attain a quality education, and she affectionately calls the White House garden her “baby”, where she is actively planting vegetables in order to make (younger and older) Americans aware of how important healthy nutrition is. To cap it all off, she even published a book about gardening.

Michelle Obama


A new marketing coup

Two weeks ago however, Michelle took it one step further and joined James Corden for Carpool Karaoke. The mini-series is part of The Late Late Show, which is broadcasted Monday till Friday on CBS. Usually Corden invites celebrities like Adele and Gwen Stefani to “join him for his ride to work”; this time however, he surprised America and the whole world with the first lady herself having a seat on the passenger side of his black SUV.


Michelle Obama – America’s Sweetheart

And what kind of carpool karaoke that was… Michelle looks wonderful in her red-white summer dress, with perfectly manicured nails and easily sings and raps along Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé and Missy Elliott (who joins the car later herself). She chats with James like an old, much-liked friend, calls the karaoke a “treat”, makes jokes, smiles, showing her perfect white teeth and mentions her Let Girls Learn campaign on the side – did you know that she even launched a song supporting the campaign? “This is for my girls” features Kelly Rowland, Lea Michele, Kelly Clarkson, Janelle Monae, Jadagrace, Chloe & Halle and Missy Elliott, who insists on rapping her part of the song, being present in the car anyway. A real girl squad rallying round you, Michelle…

However, besides all that promo and the slightly “rehearsed” nature of the whole thing, there are no airs and graces, no conceit, the first lady knows how to be liked and loved. Being asked by James what she is going to miss the most when having moved out of the White House, she answers: “the people” without even thinking about it. What better answer could you possibly give? Referring to her employees as family definitely makes her more loveable right away. Seeing this, I broken-heartedly think of the times to come: a new first lady (or man) with a different attitude, not even thinking about the new president him- or herself…

I will miss you Michelle Obama! And America, you should as well!

picture 4


Guest article by Lara Galka from Little.Loved.Details


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