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The Zeeman and the Weddingdress

The weddingdress for only 29,99. If you haven’t heard anything about it, I suggest you have a look at the following commercial:

About two weeks ago the first batch of in-house designed wedding dresses by Zeeman became available and unavailable again very quickly: the first 400 pieces sold like champagne at a fashion show.

A total of 1500 specimens will be sold exclusively online, over 3 releases. Such a smart move: First they create a massive hype, by marketing a dress that is simply too cheap at a limited availability. As a result, they left women wanting one, but not being able to get one. People start talking about the deal, and awareness of the Zeemann Weddingdress increases. Consequently, the heart wants what it can’t have.. When 500 more dresses were released in the second round, more people know about the deal, and the demand increases further.

Even though the brand always produces at extremely low costs, and sells products at likewise low prices,there’s no chance that Zeeman made any money with this wedding dress (or at least not directly). The amount of fabric and stitching alone, that is necessary for a wedding dress size 38 (not to mention one in size 44), costs about the price of that garment. What about compensating the seamstresses, and the designers? Or paying for the promotional video and the shipping?

Wedding dress and price.jpg

Really, selling the dress this far below its cost, should be seen as an expense of the marketing budget. The difference between the price based on the mark-up of the costs, and the price the dress was marketed at, is the advertisement cost. Ballparking that the expected price should have been 69,99 at the lowest (to cover its design, production and distribution), the Zeeman spent 40 per dress, resulting in a 60,000 marketing expense. Not bad right; for a nationwide hype?

So, why are they engaging in such a radical campaign? To me, it looks like Zeeman is coming after Hema with their new brand positioning. The extremely quirky video might as well have the Hema logo in the right bottom corner. The fun, light tone of the whole ordeal feels just like image Hema has built over the years. But who knows- maybe I’m wrong. In any case, I’m excited to see what the future Zeeman advertisements are going to look like!

Written by: Susanne ten Brink


Image credit: Parekh Cards via flickr


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