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Influencer Marketing: A hidden goldmine?

New marketing trends are popping up every day. I want to talk to you about one of the most interesting marketing trends of these days. Social media campaigns are getting more important and have a far wider range than television commercials, since people change the television channel quite fast where a commercial break is starting. Companies need to adjust their perspectives and update their strategies to remain relevant in terms of branding. To do this, Influential Marketing is one of the best strategies to do so. What is Influencer Marketing precisely? And how can you make use of it in the best way?
Making use of influencer marketing actually means making use of the persuasiveness of someone, to influence others: one person’s emotions, opinions and behaviours affect the ones of others. Now, especially these influenced opinions and behaviour of consumers are the things that are quite interesting for brands. Brands that are smart enough to leverage this tactic, increase brand awareness and eventually, of course, the sales rates.
Why does Influencer marketing work so well?

The biggest reason for brands to use Influencer Marketing is that peer rank high on trustworthiness to the consumer. People are sceptical of commercials and they don’t like to be persuaded by brands and their overly positive talks about their products and services. In contrast, people enjoy getting tips about new products and gadgets from people we know will tell us the truth! So by using Influencer Marketing, people don’t realize that they are being persuaded, and are more like to believe the messages of the influencer indiscriminately. Very smart tactic to use, totally 2016, isn’t it?!


Written by Susanne Deen


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