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Goodbye beloved headphones </3

Apple will not be incorporating the familiar 35mm headphone jack in the newest generation iPhone. Speculations concerning the new headphone jack are circulating on the Web. The next iPhone – presumably named the iPhone 7- is rumored to be launched in fall 2016. Even though Apple hasn’t released any official announcements yet, recent reports  provide definite proof.

The 35mm plug will most likely be replaced with the lightning port technology (below), that was designed by Apple a few years ago. The hardware has been present since the 5th generation of iPhones. Like these generations show, it is perfectly possible to have both the lightning port and the 35mm plug. So, why would Apple leave the headphone jack out of the design? 

1200x628 Lightning

One possible explanation could be the drive towards the use of more wireless headphones and a thinner iPhone model. Other sources say that Apple will even provide technology which would allow users to smartly switch between different wired and wireless output profiles. Depending on the user’s situation, location or application, the output jack can be adjusted accordingly.

Another possible reason is the incorporation of Beats technology in the new iPhones. More than a year ago, Apple bought Beats Music and Beats Electronics. It was a widely discussed deal of 3.2 billion dollars, while the estimated worth of Beats was set at 1 billion dollars only months earlier. With this new purchase it might become reality that iPhones will become solely compatible with Beats headphones and audio technology.

Either way, it is inevitable that millions of headphones will become redundant. The headphone jack will be tossed when Apple is ready to move on, just like it did with the Floppy disk and the CD drive. It seems like Apple can do anything it wants, with the most loyal fan-base for a tech-brand ever.  

So what if more than 250.000 people have already signed the petition against the new headphone plugin? So what if other headphone technology becomes obsolete?
This is Apple.
Apple doesn’t care.
Apple does what it wants.
Apple is the number one most recognized and valued brand in the world. Therefore Apple has the ability to be innovative like no other company.
Apple is a cool brand.
Apple is smart.
Be like Apple.

Written by Marjolein Tromp


3 thoughts on “Goodbye beloved headphones </3

  1. The interesting thing to me is that this decision wouldn’t affect just headphones.

    Square, for example, relies on the headphone jack to plug in the credit card reader: – Obviously, they could also make a reader that’s Lightning-only, but that’s not compatible with Android devices so it’s extra headache.

    The upside is, however, that a larger diversity of devices *can* be plugged into a Lightning port, but we’ll have to see whether manufacturers are ready to commit.


      1. Hey, Marjolein, I’m an Android user. Partially out of circumstance, but also because I don’t like being “locked-in”, which is something Apple’s always tried to with its customers.

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