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Amsterdam marketing in the spot lights

From November 28 till January 17 we all have could enjoyed the masterpieces of several light artists in the heart of Amsterdam. Light art is a quite young form of art. However, since there are huge developments within the LED-light, light art is making a huge jump forward. The light festival contains of all kind of different light presentations in the open space above the canals of Amsterdam. Because these light shows are out in the open, they are accessible for the broad audience. This leads automatically to a win-win situation. The quite unfamiliar light-artists can get in touch with their public and clients, and at the same time the event generates publicity for Amsterdam as city. This light festival is a very good marketing opportunity for Amsterdam city, because it attracts many tourist from other cities. Many people visited the Amsterdam canals to admire all the different light presentations. The Amsterdam light festival offered the visitors two possibilities to view the light shows. It was possible to walk the tour together with a guide, or visit all the shows during a canal boat trip. In total more than 350 light artists were able to show what they got! The theme of this edition of the light festival was Friendship. The artists were encouraged to interpret this theme in whatever art show they want, which led to several amazing light shows. I visited the light shows myself as well and I made some photographs especially for The Marketing Student! The next photo’s might give you an impression of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Hopefully, next year Amsterdam will organize a Light Festival again, cause it’s really amazing!





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