2015 in Google Search: Better Than Ever

This time of the year, you might be thinking about the most important things that happened in your life. At Google’s headquarters, it was also time for reflection, they released the overview of 2015’s most searched queries. The news surrounding Charlie Hebdo in January and the second shootings in Paris in November are the most searched subjects worldwide. Next to these impressive media events, people were also very curious about Caitlyn Jenner’s speech at the ESPYs and “The Dress” (was it blue and black? Or was it white and gold?).

Screenshot 2015-12-20 11.41.23

When you click the image above and hover your mouse over each circle on the timeline it reveals the topic it represents, how many searches it had in 2015 and when that topic peaked. According to Wired, Google created a remarkably comprehensive package, out of trillions of queries. And there’s more! If you have some time to spare during your christmas holidays, take a look around the Google Trends page and discover for example what the Dutch have been searching for in 2015 (Boer Zoekt Vrouw is number 2 top searched, yes really!!)


Google has been presenting the year in search queries for over 15 years now. However, this year it is better than ever because the job had been turned over to a whole new department: the Google News Lab. In the Google News Lab, data crunching has been taken to the next level. Their goal is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media.


Google’s goal is to provide tools, data, and programs designed to help entrepreneurs and journalists to use Google’s (search) data in the most efficient way. The tools that are already available are pretty awesome. Although the tools are not directly aimed at marketeers, just imagine for a moment which possibilities these tools could provide for us. You will have immediate insights in the popularity of your product and what people are curious about. Personally, I think the Google News Lab offers many promising insights for marketeers and is something to keep in mind for next year. Do you know any other cool initiatives we should watch out for in 2016?


Written by Marjolein Tromp



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