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Viral Video: Jeremy Clarkson & Drone Delivery of the Future


It looks like science fiction. However, Amazon is very serious about their new project: Amazon Prime Air. In their new promo-video Jeremy Clarkson, yes the one from TopGear, reveals the new delivery system of the future; designed to deliver your package to your home in under 30 minutes. With more than 5 million views in less than 7 days, Amazon is on to something.


The Amazon Prime Air will work through unmanned drones that can fly distances of 10 miles or more (for the Dutch people, and people from most other countries in the world that do not use those silly imperial units,  that is 16km or more). The drones can carry packages up to 55 pounds (a little bit less than 25 kg). They can land in your backyard and drop the package off in the landing zone, which is provided by the customer in the form of a small square plate.

Of course it is a very handy system when your dog Steward just ate your daughter Milly’s football shoes, like Jeremy Clarkson shows in the video. However, delivery drones offer much more solutions. Amazon states that soon it will be just as normal to see drone traffic in the sky, as it is to see mail trucks on the road.

This groundbreaking new delivery system combined with the great English wit of Jeremy Clarkson, make this video a great marketing strategy of Amazon. They got the conversation started. I am very curious not if, but when this new technology will become reality, and how it will be adopted by the public.

Let’s only hope that when the time is there, your package will not get lost in a thunderstorm….


Marjolein Tromp





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