Miss Marketing: ”Female consumers are extremely high demanding!”

@Amsterdam Commercial Night – MAA

‘You really have to go!’, said a good study friend of mine in a convincing way. First I was doubting a bit, the location of The Amsterdam Commercial Night was so far away and would it be really interesting what companies had to tell us that Friday evening? Afterwards, I only could laugh a bit about the doubts I had before. It had been such an inspiring night! One of the most inspirational speakers in my opinion was Mabel Nummerdor. This powerful woman, famously known as ‘Miss Marketing’ explained the big difference between the mindset of women and men as consumers. As a marketer it’s really important always to keep this in mind, she explained to the students. She was highly convinced of the fact that women come from Venus and men come from Mars. Well, of this I am not completely sure, but her story was absolutely interesting!

The main point of her story was about the fact that female consumers are never saturated. Well, from a marketing perspective this must sound as lovely as chocolate. But, next to this fact, there is something very difficult about serving women. In comparison with the guys, girls are really difficult and extremely high demanding customers. Many times girls have lots of requirements and complicated needs. As a marketer you should always searching for ways to deal with these complicated needs. The best ways is trying to replace yourself in your female customers, listen to them and try to understand them for the full 100 percent. This advice gave me a successful prospective, since I am already born as a woman, lucky me!

Big Love, Susanne


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