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The best ways to get inspired for the greatest marketing ideas…

Since this is my first blog for The Amsterdam Marketing Student, and since we are a (GREAT!) marketing blog, I thought of talking about the most interesting and fun part of the marketing concept: creating marketing ideas. Sometimes, I have the feeling that all people around me, come up with the greatest ideas every day, and that many of them are capable of brainstorming with just their selves, within their creative master minds. But why don’t I come up with such inspiring ideas every now and then? Do you recognize this and do you have the same feeling? Well, the next tips might help you disclosing your creative mind and uncover your personal marketing ideas. Especially for you, I have collected the most interesting tips and tricks! Try out every tip and discover which way fits you the best for creating creative marketing ideas. After every tip, think about how you can implement this manner within the marketing area. So, how can you tell your story in the best way to your (potential) customers? Or, in what ways can you make people enthusiastic for your brand or product?

Written by Susanne Deen


1. Get yourself out of your comfort zone. By creating marketing ideas, it is very important that you are able to look into the world from thousand and one different perspectives. If you want to sell your product to the consumer, the most important thing is to feel a strong connection with the people you try to reach. You have to create a high level of empathy for your customers in order to understand them completely and get their needs, wants and wishes for 100%! The best way to get there is to, literally, take a step into their lives. So what should you do? Try out hobbies, habits, favourite coffee spots, restaurants, songs, clothes and bags, (sun)glasses, jewellery, the usage of words, movements, sports… all kind of things that, for you, are completely odd, but what’s for others their daily business! In this way, you can transform as fully as possible into your (potential) customers, and look into the world through their view. I can tell you, after fulfilling this experiment, the change is quite high that you’re mind will come up with some amazing new creative marketing ideas.

2. Get inspired by the little things around you. Try to focus on the little things within your daily life and don’t put too much attention to the ‘big world leading concepts’. For example, stand still for a moment in your own street and listen carefully to the sounds around you. What does your neighbourhood sound like? What kind of feeling does that give you? Maybe you can attract people to your brand or company by giving them the same feeling.

3. Close doors. As weird as this sounds, by discovering and highlighting what you do not like, you might get a step further in the process of what you do like. Make a list of things you don’t want to be connected with and set a clear statement of all the points you don’t stand for. This might help you ordering your brain and this might give your creative mind some space for new ideas.



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