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How to create a campaign for non-charming products: The Squatty Potty

The Squatty-Potty, a innovative product concerning the activity that most of us are uncomfortable talking about: a visit to the porselin stool. A difficult product for marketing, you would think, because pooping is usually not a topic of discussion. Nevertheless, Squatty-Potty made an immense succes out of a icecream pooping unicorn.The video now has 6 million views and counting. Let’s see how Squatty Potty created this viral and broke the taboo concerning… well…. poo.

The video reminded me of another company that made viral succes out of a poo-concerned product, maybe you will remember them from last year: Poo-Pourri. Their video has become a classic and has over 34 million (!) views.  After some research I discovered the masterminds behind both of these commercials: The Harmon Brothers.

According to, the Harmon Brothers released their marketing campaign for the Squatty Potty last October.  In an interview with Releseo, Jeffrey Harmon says they were very hesitant at first when Squatty Potty approached them, because they did not want to ‘knock off’ their own Poo-Pourri ad. And there was another issue, in their behind the scenes video of the Squatty Potty commercial, Jeffrey Harmon states that the poo-smell, like the Poo-Pourri ad, was one thing. However, Squatty Potty took the message from the smell to the actual colon, which made it ‘exponentially more difficult to talk about (..) without people wanting to throw up in their mouth.’ Their challenge was simple: how do we talk about the colon and still stay classy and not take it over the edge and fall of  that cliff.

Screenshot 2015-11-16 22.06.44

They took the ‘gros’ world of the colon to a place that was clean,  fantastic, friendly, approachable ánd delicious explains Daniel Harmon (creative) director at Harmon Brothers. Personally I think adding a British prince to the formula also adds to the comedic effect of the ‘gros’ subject.  By putting the product in a completely different light, the Harmon Brothers created (another) internet hit. Additionally it is not only the goofiness of the commercial that make it a succes. It is actually scientifically proven that Squatty Potty  helps with your bowl movements and helps preventing all kinds of awful ailments like haermorrhoids (ew gros! Yeah I know, but for some people a very unpleasant reality)

In short: do not be discouraged if you think your product is not sexy enough for viral marketing. Like the Harmon Brother proof, you can even make poop a very marketable product online. And with the global trend of increased of online video traffic from 67 in 2014 to an expected 80 percent in 2019 (according to the Cisco VNI), I would say: start your online video campaign today.


Marjolein Tromp

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