Marketing Angels

Recently an emotionally controversial event, namely the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, dominated prime-time television (in the States – unfortunately we will have to wait until December 15 to watch the complete show in Holland).

VS Angels
VS Angels

For a few hours, we watch beautiful women with perfect bodies rock the runway in all kinds of lingerie, wings and outfits. Women watch because they love the glamour, and men watch because they love the scarcely dressed women.

From a marketing perspective, it’s a brilliant move. And although some jealousy may be involved, more so from women than men, the brand creates this positive hype. With famous faces and outrageous angel wings, the brand plays into women’s (their primary target market) affinity for girly, glittery things.

Gigi Hadid at VS Show '15
Gigi Hadid at VS Show ’15

Even for models, being asked to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway, is the holy grail. This year, socialites Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner joined the clan that saw their success skyrocket after their first show (think Candice, Doutzen Kroes, Karlie Kloss & Adriana Lima). The show also focuses on how much fun the event it, by showing clips of the models’ personal VS show perceptions. We even enjoy listenening to them talk about their VS show experience.

It shapes our brand image of Victoria’s Secret, and creates a sense of superior and fun brand community. It’s basically one big advertisement. But for how long will it be this exciting? Will the excitement wear off, or will the show turn into a classic?


Susanne ten Brink

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